Elizabeth Taylor Will Forever Sparkle As Hollywood’s Elite Jewel

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Elizabeth Taylor could be featured in #throwbackthursday every month.   And why not?  She has had one of the most spectacular jewellery collections.  From the Krupp diamond to her diamond chandelier earrings, men loved her and she loved her jewellery, in particular, diamonds.


taylor-burton diamond necklace and taylor


taylor-burton diamond necklace

Taylor-Burton diamond ring

One such piece was the Taylor-Burton diamond.  This enormous diamond was even bigger.  It was found in South Africa as a rough 241 carat diamond.  It was later cut to a 69.58ct pear shaped diamond.  Taylor’s fifth husband, Richard Burton, bought the diamond from Cartier as a ring.  Taylor thought the flawless and colourless diamond was too big as a ring so she had Cartier reset it in a platinum necklace which contained a number of graduated pear shaped diamonds. Taylor wore the all-diamond necklace to the 42nd Academy Awards in 1970, where it quite rightly stole the show.

Richard Burton purchased the diamond ring from Cartier for $1.1million. In 1978, after Elizabeth and Richard had divorced, she auctioned the diamond for $5,000,000 which was used to build a hospital in Botswana.