Halle Berry Makes History

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The 2002 Oscars proved to be memorable for Halle Berry on multiple fronts.  Her performance in Monster Ball was honored with an Oscar win.  She looked stunning.  And her jewellery was spot on.


halle berry oscars


Halle Berry became the first African-American women to win The Best Actress Award.  She accepted this honour with grace and beauty.  Her Ellie Saab dress had an embroidered sheer top that was considered to be a great risk for the time.

The dress and win weren’t the only things getting audiences attention.  Halle’s pinky finger, or rather, the ring she wore on it fascinated us.  Halle wore a fancy vivid orange diamond with a finished weight of 5.54 carats, bought by Harry Winston for $1.3 million.  The pumpkin orange diamond was set between two smaller white diamonds.  It is the world’s largest known fancy vivid orange diamond, valued at just over $3 million.