Hollywood Beauty, Elizabeth Taylor, Loves The Sparkly

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People have looked up to Elizabeth Taylor for her love of jewellery.  In particular, her love of diamonds.  Every husband has given her some memorable diamond masterpiece.  Her third husband, film producer Mike Todd, was no exception.


liz taylor


A great piece he got her was this antique diamond tiara.  This platinum and gold tiara was made in 1880 and consists of mine cut diamonds.  In December 2011, Christie’s Auctions New York auctioned the stunning piece and described it as having “nine old mine-cut diamond scrolls with larger old mine-cut diamond terminals, spaced by old mine-cut diamond latticework motifs.”  Christie’s estimated value for the diamond tiara was US $60,000-$80,000.  It ended up selling for US $4,226,500.


These spectacular diamond chandelier earrings were a show stopper.  Taylor bought these earrings when she was in Paris.  The stones were glass; but, she loved them anyways.  She first wore them a couple of months later in New York in 1957.  In her book, A Life in Jewelry, she wrote “I opened the box, and the earrings looked all polished up. I put them on. There was something different about how they fit. I said, ‘Mike, there’s something wrong with my earrings.’ He chuckled and said he’d had them made up with real diamonds!”  Wow! What a husband.